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I’ve been working on an idea for a Eurorack module to use with my X0x Heart.

I decided to knock together a quick HTML/JavaScript test of the basic concepts. A month later, and I find I’ve got a bit distracted by the intricacies of JS and PHP, and CSS and HTML, and not even started trying to translate anything to hardware. No great surprise, there. I have managed to prove that the idea Does work quite well, though.

Connect up a MIDI synth (or useĀ a VST/AU in some software host) and see what you think.

Note: the MID-file recording feature isn’t working yet.

It uses Web MIDI, which is only currently natively implemented in recent-ish versions of Chrome. You will need to install the Jazz MIDI plugin, to use the page in other browsers, unfortunately. I hope Web MIDI will be natively supported in other major browsers soon (but suspect it’s not a big priority for developers, sadly).

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All my Mutable Instruments module at the same time (Links, Shades, Grids, Braids, Clouds, Peaks), plus the excellent Turing Machine (with Voltages and Pulses expanders behind Greyscale Panel), and x0x Heart modules, Frequency Central Ultrawave LFO and Befaco Crush Delay.

And all my long patch leads…

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I’d forgotten I even owned this domain! Having rediscover it, I’ve decided to use it to among other things document my experiments with Eurorack format modular synthesisers, including my baby steps towards developing my own MCU-based modules. More on that soon…

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